Many may have started off doubting the gimmick, but the popularity of licensed LEGO software has not wavered whatsoever since LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game kicked off the trend in 2005. Many gamers have been waiting to see what else Traveller’s Tales has planned following the impending release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and new rumors have popped up to suggest that one future iteration could see the blockification of the upcoming Jurassic World movie.

According to (a fan site that’s allegedly managed to get its hands on a document from Toys R’ Us that details internal plans for the film’s release) there are a number of major promotions in place for the T. Rex-sized blockbuster when it arrives next Summer.

One of these initiatives tentatively includes a new LEGO video game based on the property, likely titled LEGO Jurassic World, that will probably follow the plot of the movie. The leaked documents claim that, while the game spin-off isn’t locked down, the title itself is currently being mulled over by corporate bigwigs and will see promotion through Toys R’ Us if and when it comes to fruition.

LEGO Jurassic Park

This is just a mockup, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

As it stands, Hasbro has the rights to make building sets with the Jurassic Park brand under the KREO branch, but that deal is said to come to an end at some point this year. It’s believed that once the license expires, LEGO will announce the deal with Universal and start hyping its line of plastic dinosaur minifigures.

Right now this is all just a rumor, albeit a believable one at that, so fans of both LEGO and Jurassic Park should take this report with a grain of salt. That said, we can’t think of anything more appealing than running away from a brick-based tyrannosaurs rex – or better yet, playing as one. The latter of that hypothetical would just be too awesome to handle.

Would you be interested in a LEGO Jurassic World video game? What other properties should get the LEGO game treatment? Let us know in the comments!


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Source:, Variety (via VG247)