10 RPGs With The Most Impressive Customization Options

People love to make characters. For some, making a character is one of the most fun parts of a game. It is like playing dress-up except you can change your skin, hair, eyes, ears, and nose like a shapeshifter.

The most common games to have character customization is role-playing games. This is because customizing a character is all part of the fun of role-playing. You get to decide their gender, race, height, and so much more before being thrown into an adventure.

So here are ten RPGs we think have some impressive character customization options.

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10 Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has a character creator that fans have used to make celebrities, cartoon characters, and more. It has been the star of popular Youtube series such as Monster Factory where players try to make the ugliest character possible.

Not only can you choose the typical hair, eyes, race, and size of the character but you can also add wounds that they would get in a nuclear wasteland environment such as burns, scars, and more. They also included little details such as skin blemishes, because we know that no one really has perfect skin in the post-apocalypse. Also you get to decide how both you and your life partner look and that influences how your baby looks.

9 Final Fantasy XIV

Among role-playing games with character creation is a lot of massive multiplayer games. Character creation in these games feels even more involved, since your character is going to walk among a land where a lot of other real people are going to see them.

Final Fantasy XIV has a ton of interesting races and each with their own sub-race as well. It is a dream come true for anyone who wanted to make an original Final Fantasy styled character. As you play the game, you can also have makeovers so you can change some of your character's physical appearance anytime.

8 Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World, like Fallout 4, as been a place where fans can get very creative and make celebrity look-a-likes and cartoon characters. It allows you to break gender norms with men wearing make-up and being allowed to have pigtails if they want them.

What sets Monster Hunter World apart from the other games on this list is that you actually get to also customize a cat sidekick, the palico. A lot of players have made their palico's look like their own cats. That is just sweet.

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7 Bloodborne

Dark Souls and its sequel were incredibly popular, but it was not due to their character creator. Fans despised the character creators for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. So when Bloodborne came out, fans were pleasantly surprised with the improvements made on character creation. Some players have noted that while the character creator has a lot of options, it can be difficult to use. It often takes about an hour for players to get the character they want just right.

6 Aion

Aion has a pretty mind-blowing character creation system. Like Final Fantasy XIV, it is an MMO. It is Korean and was released in North America and Europe in 2010.

A major sign in an MMO about the quality of its character creation is whether you find other player characters that look very much like your character. If you find doppelgangers, then its likely that the character creation is not so good and does not offer a lot of options. For Aion, there are so many choices for your character that the chances finding a look-a-like character is slim to none.

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5 Skyrim

The story of Skyrim's character customization is much like Bloodborne in that it was a major advancement compared to its predecessor. Today, Elder Scroll fans laugh and joke at Oblivion's character creator, as all the people look like potatoes compared to the characters of Skyrim.

The fantasy races and their sub races are all there and they let you control everything from fur color, scales, make-up, gender, face-paint, face structure, and more. Many fans consider it good but they make it even better through fan-made mods. With the mods, any look is possible.

4 White Knight Chronicles

White Knight Chronicles has gone down in gaming history as a pretty game with weak characters and writing that is full of cliches. However, we still have to admit that the game was pretty. A very strange aspect of the game was that you created a character in the beginning whose main purpose was for multiplayer content. However, they also were the main protagonists best friend in the single-player part of the game. So they followed the main plot as a silent friend for the whole game. Pretty unique.

The character creation is great, and that is part of why fans did not like the game. They got very attached to the characters they made, but they were not the main character.

3 Jump Force

Jump Force is an anime fans dream game. It is a fighting game with tons of recognizable anime characters from titles like Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece, Naruto, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, and so much more.

While that alone sounds great, the character creation is also amazing. You can create your own character that looks like they come from a manga. You can do weird mash-ups and create a Vegeta-Naruto Frankenstein or make an original character that looks like they came straight out of Shonen Jump.

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2 Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age has gone nowhere but up in terms of advancing their character customization in their games. Inquisition brought back the fantasy races and even added qunari among them. Based on which race you choose, you get different options for face-paint, hair, and tattoos. That is the magic of Dragon Age, as the lore is mixed into the creation of your character. For example, only elves can have vallaslin.

Also the female dwarves can have beards!

1 Black Desert Online

Black Dessert is yet another fantasy MMO game, and it is famous for the level of freedom that is in its character creation. Kotaku has called the character creation portion of the game an "epic undertaking" due to the amount of choices you get from everything about the eyes and the hair to the colors of every little strand of hair and inch of skin.

It is easy to make a gorgeous character or a complete monster with a blue nose, green lips, and pink beard.

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