Porn Star Ron Jeremy Calls Video Games 'Boring'

Ron Jeremy Video Games

With gaming seemingly ever-growing in popularity, the video game entertainment form has a huge number of celebrity fans. Amongst the stars who love to sit down with an Xbox or PS4 are the likes of Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill and UFC Bantamweight Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, who has a real love for Pokemon. Meanwhile, the late, great Robin Williams made no secret of his appreciation of the gaming medium, and the comedian was immortalized in World of Warcraft in a touching memorial.

Unfortunately, not every celebrity or superstar is as fond of video games as Jamie Lee Curtis, who inexplicably turned up at the latest Evo Championship Tournament in a fantastic Vega cosplay outfit. Cult film critic Roger Ebert once stated that video games could never be art, but not every critic of gaming has quite the same high-brow authority. Now, it looks like there's another celeb to add to the list of the anti-gaming lobby - although his profession may raise a few eyebrows.

As it turns out, veteran porn star Ron Jeremy is not a fan of gaming. In a recent interview with Vice, Jeremy revealed that he finds the entertainment form "boring." Not only that, but the porn star actually feels that video games are extremely damaging to young people. "Nothing wrong with video games recreationally, but our kids are living on it," said Jeremy: an interesting statement to make as someone working within another highly-criticized industry.

Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball

Jeremy discussed his role in porn parody of the Super Mario Bros franchise, titled Super Hornio Brothers. However, it looks as though Jeremy did not spend too much time getting himself acclimatized with the role of the plumber he was parodying. "I had never seen the video game," said Jeremy. "I don't play them at all, except when I go to Hugh Hefner's mansion." Jeremy continued to state "I never play video games ever. I think they're boring."

The article also reveals that Nintendo took an active approach to the porn parody when it appeared in 1993, with the video game giant actually buying out the rights to the movie to stop it from being distributed. Jeremy gave some insight into exactly what happened, explaining that "they bought it to get it off the market." The movie, which allegedly cost $20,000 to make, was but a drop in the ocean for the publisher at the time.

As it stands, Jeremy is unlikely to star in his own, twisted version of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood any time soon - although the porn star did appear in the video game version of Celebrity Death Match. Meanwhile, whilst Jeremy may not think that video games can have a positive influence on children, several educational bodies disagree with the porn star. The US Department of Education has given plaudits to the role of games in learning, whilst every secondary school in Northern Ireland has been given Minecraft for free. Let's see whether games can ever win Jeremy around.

Source: Vice

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