President of Bimboosoft announces on Playstation’s blog that Rollercoaster Dreams will be available to play on Playstation VR on launch day in October.

In addition to Psychonauts, Final Fantasy 15, and Tomb Raider, early adopters of PlayStation VR can add another game to look forward to this fall. Sony put out a press release announcing that  Bimboosoft’s virtual reality theme park simulator Rollercoaster Dreams will be coming to PlayStation VR on October 13th.

Rollercoaster Dreams allows players to design and enjoy their very own theme park; everything from the layout to the ride design will be at the player’s disposal to customize. Managing a theme park doesn’t stop at deciding the number of loops for a coaster, as can be seen in the trailer, players will have full control over the park’s refreshments, accounting, customer relations, even safety.

Hirofumi Hattori, president of Bimboosoft, talked about how the game is perfect for the VR experience and not just because of the visual immersion that comes with VR:

“[The] visual element isn’t the only feature of PS VR that enhances a player’s immersion. PS VR also has awesome 3D virtual surround sound. When you wear headphones you can recognize the position of sounds. I thought it would be impossible to generate sound positions with headphones, but I was surprised to learn that we recognize sound position by differences in sound timing, not the sound wave direction. The virtual surround sound enhances the realistic sensation of the amusement parks in Rollercoaster Dreams.”

It’s interesting to see that Hattori is putting so much emphasis on the PlayStation VR’s sound capabilities, but it probably shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Anyone who that has played the Resident Evil demo or P.T. will tell you that the sound design is one of the most important things to create an immersive, creepy atmosphere.

It also seems that Rollercoaster Dreams won’t be confined to just a single player experience, according to Hattori, players will be able to visit other parks to enjoy the coasters that other players have created. The last minute of the trailer also shows some test runs of custom built coasters; dummy’s fly off the coaster in hilarious fashion while the game gives a readout on the number of riders with nausea, memory loss, damp seats, etc. which will surely spawn a number of hilarious YouTube videos.

There aren’t many more details available about Rollercoaster Dreams at this moment, but with the pre-orders for PlayStation VR selling out almost immediately, it seems likely that plenty of people will be getting plenty of thrills and spills in October.

Rollercoaster Dreams is set to release on October 13th for PlayStation 4 and will have PlayStation VR support.

Source: PlayStation