Rocksteady Studios Superman Game Rumor Dismissed


After launching Batman: Arkham Knight back in 2015, things have been fairly quiet from Rocksteady Studios, prompting many fans to start theorizing about what the developer could be up to next. After confirming that a new Arkham game isn't on the table, rumors have since linked the UK developer to other comic style properties including a new Justice League title, to another Batman game, and even a multiplayer only style experience. Most recently, however, Superman has been linked to the studio and managed to gain enough momentum to actually get an official response.

Originally, a rumor originating from 4chan indicated that Game Informer was getting ready to reveal its December cover story centered around a new Superman game headed up by Rocksteady Studios. Fans immediately took the news to Game Informer's executive editor, Andrew Reiner, for potential answers, who was initially confused by all the Superman-related questions. After being informed by fans as to what was going on, Reiner laughed and confirmed that the rumor is ultimately not true.

Further evidence to the Superman rumor being fake was the confirmation from Reiner that the December cover story of Game Informer won't even be Rocksteady Studios related at all. When pressed by fans for more information, Reiner went on to admit that he didn't know anything about any upcoming DC Comics related titles.

Rocksteady Studios has only been stoking player's fire for answers as Game Manager Gaz Deaves has gone on record stating that fans will lose their minds with excitement when the studio finally reveals what it has been working on. The annual Video Game Awards show is only a month away and it's known as a venue that typically features exclusive reveals and other announcements, so it's entirely likely that Warner Bros could opt to finally reveal what the studio has been working on over these past few years there.

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