Rocksteady Studios' New Game Will Not Be At E3 2019

Rocksteady Batman: Arkham game

For a while, one rumor initially presented on ResetEra had many believing that Rocksteady's next game would be revealed at E3 2019. That rumor has now been quashed, as Rocksteady's Sefton Hill confirmed the company will not be presenting anything at E3 2019.

As mentioned previously, many had been speculating about the appearance of Rocksteady at E3 this year. There have been multiple rumors regarding Rocksteady's next game, including that a Suicide Squad game is in development at Rocksteady. However, other rumors suggest that Rocksteady may be producing a new Justice League title.

Putting the speculation to rest (for now) on Twitter, Rocksteady's co-founder and Game Director Sefton Hill sounded off on Rocksteady's appearance at E3 2019. Specifically, he did so in response to inquiries from Rocksteady fans curious if the developer will have a showing at E3.


The response of fans has generally been one of disappointment. Some are even speculating that, due to Rocksteady's announced absence, their next game might be in development for the next console generation. Perhaps there is merit to this theory, as a Justice League game or Suicide Squad title might be a bit more graphically-demanding than any of Rocksteady's previous efforts.

As it stands, Rocksteady's last release title was Batman: Arkham VR, though its last fully-featured release was Batman: Arkham Knight As far as we know, the Arkham series has been concluded, though a rumor had surfaced a few months ago that Batman: Arkham Crisis is planned for 2019. However, it is likely Rocksteady would not be the developer of that title given the other rumors swirling around, as well as the fact that Batman: Arkham Origins had been developed by a different studio.

Many might find themselves disappointed at Rocksteady right now. After all, it has been almost four years since Rocksteady's last major release. Some may find themselves worried about the development of Rocksteady's next game. Although, if the game is releasing on next-gen hardware, then it may just be possible that the development time is adjusted for the new graphical capabilities enabling Rocksteady to chase greater ambitions in their titles.

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