Rocksteady Studios hints that it’s not completely finished with Batman: Arkham Knight and the overall series, as the developer alludes to more content for 2016.

During a preview for what was purportedly the last wave of DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight, when asked if the developer was “categorically” finished with Batman entirely, Rocksteady Studios’ co-founder Sefton Hill trailed off, with the broadcast quickly cutting to a static shot of Scarecrow. While Batman: Arkham Knight‘s creative director didn’t explicitly state that Rocksteady would be producing any more content for its “ultimate Batman simulator”, it’s obvious that the planned edit was an allusion to more materials related to the franchise in the future.

While there’s really no telling exactly what the brief glimpse of Scarecrow’s visage means — it could be referring to Rocksteady Studios’ new multiplayer game or it might denote yet another expansion pack for Batman: Arkham Knight beyond the Season of Infamy DLC detailed in the trailer below it’s safe to presume that the developer is not through telling stories related to the World’s Greatest Detective. And, of course, Scarecrow has been omnipresent throughout the Arkham franchise, with main narratives and ancillary plots connecting to the villain — such as the most recent game’s Scarecrow missions — so it wouldn’t be the first time for Dr. Jonathan Crane to have the spotlight thrust upon him.

For those unaware, if Rocksteady Studios moves ahead with another Batman-related release, it would run somewhat contrary to Sefton Hill’s original statement that Arkham Knight was the series’ definitive end for the developer. However, the creative director never specified as to whether or not the studio would be finished with Bob Kane’s character entirely, which opens the doors to countless projects associated with the Caped Crusader. After all, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive said the property has “endless possibilities”, indicating its Batman games are not finished.

With the aforementioned multiplayer title in the works, it’s possible that Rocksteady Studios could be including Batman in a Justice League game, much to the delight of fans and the Dark Knight’s de facto voice, Kevin Conroy. Then again, with so many skins from all of the different eras for the character having been included in Batman: Arkham Knight, there’s the chance that the company could make a game set in one of his past or future time periods. Truthfully, it would be pretty cool if we got the chance to play a Batman Beyond game made by Rocksteady.

No matter what Rocksteady Studios chooses to do with Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, the fact of the matter is that Batman is a world-renown character, so practically anything related to him will most likely be a slam dunk. Despite that, should the developer continue making games with the Dark Knight in mind ad infinitum, it would run the risk of playing it too safe, which could lead to creators ultimately releasing a stale product.

What do you think Rocksteady Studio’s hint with Scarecrow means for more Batman content? Do you think it points to another DLC package for Batman: Arkham Knight or a completely different game entirely? Let us know in the comments below.

Batman: Arkham Knight is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Batman Arkham Videos – YouTube (via GamesRadar, GameZone)