Rocksteady Studios' Future Plans Tied To 'Batman: Arkham City' Reception

Rocksteady Studios Future Batman Arkham City Reception

As gamers everywhere are no doubt aware, Batman: Arkham City is in stores today. Exciting though it is to finally play one of the most anticipated games of the year, gamers have got to be wondering, after Arkham City, what will be next for ace developer Rocksteady Studios?

Rocksteady previously stated that it intends to keep making more Batman games as long as developing the titles remains fun. In a more recent interview, Dax Gin, Marketing Game Manager for Batman: Arkham City, clarifies that the future of the series will depend on how well the current game is received.

Early Batman: Arkham City reviews have been extremely positive, and the Arkham City launch trailer has helped fuel anticipation for game -- hence the midnight line-ups last night to pick up the title. (We were there. Were you?)

Gin offered the following in a new interview with CVG:

"What happens next depends on how this game is received. We're really proud of the work we've done and I think taking Batman on to the streets of Gotham is where people wanted him to go after the Asylum."

"Where we go from here is anyone's guess. There's a philosophy at the studio that as long as we keep making awesome things, awesome opportunities will open up to us. But we can't make any firm decisions because the games industry is a crazy thing. We're just focused on the here and now and getting to October 31. We'll see what people think of this first."

Despite having only two games under their belt prior to Arkham City (Batman: Arkham Asylum and Urban Chaos), Rocksteady clearly has a bright future ahead, and we can't wait to see what they do next. For instance, heading to Gotham for a third Batman game could be epic. From scaling larger buildings to introducing a drivable Batmobile, there is a lot of room for the game to grow. As if there weren't enough villains in Arkham City -- just think of how many new villains could be introduced in the streets of Gotham! Game Rant already has a list of villains who we'd like to see. What about you?

Game Rant wants to know: were you out at midnight to pick up Arkham City and if you have it, what are your initial impressions?

Batman: Arkham City is now available for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and releases in November on PC.


Source: CVG [via VG247]

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