With the sheer number of high profile leaks and rumors surrounding every major video game studio these days, the fact that Rocksteady Studios has managed to keep their next project quiet is truly impressive. With Batman: Arkham City proving that their first successful adaptation of DC’s Dark Knight wasn’t a fluke, they’ve remained off the radar.

It’s still completely unclear what the studio is up to, but it seems fans won’t have to wait much longer. According to some hasty tweets from a European journalist, Rocksteady is preparing to announce their upcoming game in the coming weeks.

Given that Rocksteady has become somewhat synonymous with Batman, with both Arkham Asylum and City under their belts, the writing on the wall has pointed to yet another Batman title for next-gen systems. Rumors had circled of a retro Silver Age adventure, or even a full-blown Justice League video game, but those reports died down once it became clear that all Rocksteady lips were sealed.

Thanks to a tweet from Dutch journalist Jan Meijroos (since deleted, but preserved thanks to NeoGAF), it looks like Rocksteady is already welcoming press to see the game close-up:

Rocksteady New Game Tweet

Meijroos wouldn’t give any further details when asked, but confirmed that he wasn’t able to speak about the game for another month, going so far as to imply that a Game Informer cover story was all but guaranteed for Rocksteady’s next release. Again, both tweets have been deleted, but the damage is done – and fans can start counting the days.

The most obvious answer to this Rocksteady riddle is that the UK studio is set to announce another Batman: Arkham game, harnessing the power of the Xbox One and PS4 to drop players into a larger, richer, and more densely-populated environment (Gotham City, perhaps?). But plenty of time has passed since their last game, and it seems just as likely that the studio’s game will center on a star other than Batman.

For starters, the persisting rumors of a Silver Age Batman title chronicling the first meeting between Batman and the Joker need to be re-examined, given that Batman: Arkham Origins covered that story already. And much of the original rumor reasoned that such a meeting would have been set so far in the past, a new visual style would be needed – hence the Silver Age treatment.

Rocksteady Next Batman Superman Game

Could the initial rumors – a game being made to chronicle Batman and Joker’s first encounter (Origins), and a Silver Age Justice League title – have been combined, meaning players could be in for a very different Rocksteady experience? The studio had promised something “exciting” and “different” for their next game, so if WB Games has been handed the reins to a new Arkham universe post-Origins, then who knows what the next Rocksteady title could feature.

Is it possible that as both of DC’s biggest superheroes hit the big screen in 2016, Rocksteady is set to tackle the monumental task of creating a Superman game that isn’t terrible? It’s still a feat few have attempted, but if anyone could give the prospect a fighting chance, it’s Rocksteady.

What do you hope to see when Rocksteady announces their next title: another Arkham installment, or something entirely new? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Source: NeoGAF