Rocksteady's New Game is Not Superman, Says Studio Director


For the last few years, plenty of people have been speculating on what Rocksteady Studios' next project will be. Many theories have circulated online surmising that the developer has been working on a Superman game. However, these bits of hearsay can finally be laid to rest as false information, as the company's Creative Director, Sefton Hill, has now openly declared that he and his team's next title will not be about the Man of Steel.

As indicated in the tweet below, Hill says that since Rocksteady Studios is still hard at work putting together its next title, it will not be making an announcement at The Game Awards 2018, while going on to definitively state that fans should not expect the game to be Superman. That said, even though the company's forthcoming project won't be centered exclusively around the iconic DC Comics hero, it doesn't necessarily mean that Kal-El won't be making an appearance in the currently untitled project in some shape or fashion.

For those unaware, there have been multiple rumors swirling alongside the nearly innumerable pieces of Superman scuttlebutt saying that while Rocksteady won't feature the titular character as the sole star in its unannounced project, the developer's next release could be a Justice League multiplayer game. Not too long ago, in fact, the company behind Batman: Arkham Knight teased what it's currently working on by posting a picture of some motion capture stand-ins posing for a test shoot, implying that the game will be team-oriented.

All things considered, while Rocksteady's confirmation of its next game not being Superman may disappoint some fans, it's safe to presume that most gamers will just be pleased to know that myriad longstanding rumors on the matter have now been officially debunked. Of course, this doesn't mean that fans are going to stop speculating about what the studio's next title will be any time soon. At any rate, perhaps we will find out more come E3 2019.

Rocksteady Studios' latest title is Batman: Arkham Knight, which is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Sefton Hill – Twitter

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