While E3 2018 provided a number of exciting reveals, attention quickly turned to which games were expected but missing once the show ended. At the top of most fans list was Rocksteady Studios, as rumors and leaks prior to the annual June event indicated that its next game would likely be shown. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, though fans did get a comment from the studio after the fact. With San Diego Comic-Con rapidly approaching, all eyes have once again turned to Rocksteady Studios and whether or not a potential announcement is imminent.

In an effort to prevent a similar incident to E3 2018, Rocksteady Studios is getting out ahead of Comic-Con and revealing its plans early. Studio director Jamie Walker issued a small statement over Twitter, essentially confirming that as much as people would like to see the next game, it’s not ready yet and therefore won’t be at San Diego Comic-Con. While no doubt disappointing to fans, putting a message like this out now is intended to limit disappointment and prevent any sort of unrealistic expectations from forming.

Walker wasn’t too specific on details in his post, however, he did mention that the game wouldn’t be ready for a while and that fans would know when the studio would be ready to talk about it. Part of this statement can likely be seen as a way to prevent the need for additional comments when GamesCom and other Fall events come around. Fan responses to his Tweet were generally positive and appreciative for getting out ahead of Comic-Con to prevent any sort of unfounded speculation like E3 2018.

Its been three years since Rocksteady’s last major game release with Batman: Arkham Knight, a long time when compared to most developers who generally announce new games every two years or so. Without any official comment or tease from the studio on what is being worked on, fans have instead latched on to recent rumors which appear to be centered on another DC Comics icon: Superman. In the past couple of months alone, supposed posters and game details have surfaced including news that Brainiac is set up as the major villain. Either way, fans are going to have to wait a bit longer before the truth is revealed.