Rumor Patrol: New Batman Game Announcement Set for Game Awards?

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While the Batman Arkham game franchise has been dark for a while, a new rumor suggests a new title might be revealed in the coming weeks. With The Game Awards right around the corner, the latest speculation is the annual event will play host to a big reveal for the Dark Knight.

The Batman game announcement rumor gained steam after fans noticed the official Game Awards account liked a Tweet by Batman developer Rocksteady Studios. It’s by no means a smoking gun, but fans are putting together some evidence to support the theory, if only because they are desperate for Rocksteady to make a new Batman game.

Essentially, support for the rumor boils down to one thing: timing. Rocksteady has been regularly posting images from Batman: Arkham every Thursday and The Game Awards is scheduled to air on a Thursday. Again, there isn’t much to go on here, but stranger things have happened. Timing also seems to align with past Batman game reveals, which took place towards the end of the year.

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Of course, there is just as much, if not more, evidence to suggest that the rumor is not true. For starters, Rocksteady Studios has said that Batman: Arkham Knight was its last Batman adventure. The studio suitably wrapped up the arc it began in Arkham Asylum and the assumption was that if the franchise continued, it would be under WB Games Montreal, the developer of Batman: Arkham Origins. So, if the tweets had been coming from a WB Games account instead of a Rocksteady account there might be more weight to the speculation.

By all accounts, Rocksteady is reportedly working on a new project, which many fans hope will be an open world Superman game. WB and DC have a lot of properties to leverage, though, so Rocksteady could be working on a number of different games.

Moreover, a lot of this rumor hinges on The Game Awards account liking a Tweet, which is by no means confirmation of a new Batman game or an announcement. It’s very likely that The Game Awards social media team is more active on Twitter now that the show is in pre-production.

That being said, Geoff Keighley did promise some big reveals at this year’s Game Awards, so it is still entirely possible that a new Batman game will be revealed. Maybe it won’t be a Rocksteady product or maybe it will, but right now it seems more likely that this rumor is false.

Source: Batman Subreddit

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