Analyst: Rockstar Will Announce New Game This Year, To Release in 2020


Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has been offering his predictions on what 2019 will have in store for gaming. He's predicted that Overwatch and Black Ops 4's Blackout battle royale mode will both go free-to-play, and that Nintendo will launch a handheld-only Nintendo Switch revision. He's also predicted that Rockstar Games, hot off the heels of the wildly successful Red Dead Redemption 2, will announce a new title in 2019 that will launch in 2020.

Pachter stopped short of predicting exactly what game Rockstar would announce in 2019, but there are some running theories on what the studio's next title could be. It seems one game that many fans expect Rockstar's next title to be is none other than Bully 2, which has been rumored to be in development for quite some time now.

Two years ago, alleged concept art of Bully 2 leaked online, and not long after that, sources close to Rockstar Games leaked to the press that Bully 2 would be the company's next game after it wrapped up Red Dead Redemption 2. There was no new information for a long time after that leak, but just a few months ago, a new rumor cropped up that Rockstar was actively casting voice actors to lend their talents to the unannounced Bully 2.

If Rockstar's next game isn't Bully 2, there are a few other possibilities. Rockstar could be developing a brand new, original IP, or it could be working on a sequel to one of its other franchises. Grand Theft Auto 6 is an inevitability considering how much money that series rakes in, and Rockstar could also return to its ultra-violent Manhunt series as well.

Of course, Pachter's prediction could be off and Rockstar may not be announcing any new games in 2019 or launching anything in 2020. However, we know for a fact that the highly lucrative studio currently has projects in the works, as it has been hiring people to work on next-gen games, but it's hard to say when its next titles will be ready to show to the public.

Whatever Rockstar Games decides to do, considering the company's track record, fans can expect its next game to release to rave reviews and plenty of controversy.

Source: GamesIndustry

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