Rockstar Has Unused Ideas for 'Red Dead Redemption'

Unused Red Dead Redemption Ideas

The immediate story of Red Dead Redemption may have ended firmly, but the saga of the West is certainly far from over. Having received tremendous praise from critics and fans alike, Red Dead Redemption took the popular sand box formula and brought it to one of the more interesting locales to date. Though the game existed as its own succinct story, Rockstar has revealed that they do have some ideas leftover that might be tied into a sequel or more DLC.

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, Rockstar’s VP of Product Development Jeronimo Barrea started off by expressing the team’s delight at the positive reception Red Dead has received:

“[We're most pleased] either that huge numbers of people loved the game enough to play through to the end, and then encouraged friends to play it - we hope without spoiling the end for them - or at a more basic level... that we could convince that many people that they wanted to play a game about the Wild West.”

Though the Wild West didn’t work for everyone, the fact that the game slowly built a fan base further reinforces its appeal. As a singular story about redemption amidst criminals and lawmen, the tale of John Marston has seen everything from the border towns of Mexico to the rise of the undead.

While no more plans for DLC might signal the end for Marston’s story, that doesn’t mean Rockstar ran the well dry. When asked how much content was planned but never made it in, Barrea revealed:

"For all the games we work on, we have a massive number of ideas that [don't] make it in."

Whether those ideas are being worked into some future DLC or if they are being kept for a sequel, there are sure to be a great number of gamers looking forward to returning to the West. After the success of Undead Nightmare, Red Dead Redemption has a whole world of possibilities out there to explore. Perhaps Marston could take on the extraterrestrial in a battle between Earth’s gunslingers and the ray guns of Mars. If only there was a movie with which they could tie this all in...

What are you more interested in: a Red Dead Redemption sequel or inventive DLC like Undead Nightmare? Or do you think Red Dead should exist as a singular experience?

Source: CVG

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