Rumor: Rockstar Games Hiring Bully 2 Cast

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The original Bully left its mark as a cult classic from Rockstar Games, and ever since, fans have been hoping for a sequel. Over ten years later, news continues to leak that Bully 2 might be in development, and now more evidence has come to light of just that.

Previously, it was rumored that Bully 2 was in development from Rockstar Games with the assistance of Pinewood Studios, who would be providing the voice talent to the game. While there have been rumors shot down over the years, a new casting call has cropped up from Pinewood with a heavy emphasis on a character described as a young bully. This has led some to believe that it could be connected to Bully 2.

Specifically, Pinewood is recruiting voices for a 'Male School Bully', aged between 7-13. The character is described as being toxic, as he makes his friend 'Insecure Boy' (another supporting character being cast) the brunt of the majority of his jokes. While no names are given and the game's title hasn't been provided, casting for a video game with these types of roles have led many to believe that the game could finally be getting underway.

bully game getting sequel rumor

When contacted for comment by Tyler Fischer at Comicbook, the casting director was unable to shoot down the rumor entirely. Rather than stating outright that it wasn't a casting call for Bully 2, they simply stated that they were unable to provide a comment at this time. Of course, that isn't the same as a confirmation, but for now, the door has been left open for speculation and excitement among fans.

Rockstar Games no doubt knows that fans want to see a Bully 2, and with Red Dead Redemption 2 now out of the way, it's entirely possible that a sequel could finally become a reality. Adding more fuel to the fire is the recent rumor from major games analyst Pachter that Rockstar will be announcing a new game this year that's set to release in 2020. It seems unlikely that it would be a brand new IP with that little lead time to build up hype, and with Grand Theft Auto Online still in full force generating tons of profit for the company, Bully 2 does look like a highly probable candidate.

Bully is available for PC, PS2, Xbox 360, and the Wii.

Source: ComicBook

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