Rockstar Confirms Independence Day Celebrations for Grand Theft Auto 5

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One of the many reasons that fans are still engrossed by Grand Theft Auto 5 is the way that Rockstar has delivered a steady stream of content via GTA Online. The game launched more than eighteen months ago, but there’s been no shortage of updates since that time.

Some content drops have been large — like the online Heists update that fans clamoured for over a period of several months — whereas others have been relatively minor. Grand Theft Auto 5 has made it something of a tradition to celebrate holidays and other special occasions with themed weapons, clothing and missions.

The winter wonderland that Rockstar provided at Christmas is probably the most well-known example of this practice, but other holiday-specific events have been just as memorable. Last year saw a raft of tongue-in-cheek missions, weapons and vehicles introduced in time for Independence Day, and it seems they’ll be making a return for 2015.

Yesterday, Rockstar posted details of the second half of the Ill-Gotten Gains update that’s about to roll out for GTA Online. While players are no doubt looking forward to more swanky motors and designer clothes, it seems that the second instalment of the update will also bring back some old favourites from last year’s July 4 celebrations.

GTA Online Spring Update Race

The blog post references the ‘return of old favorites at reduced rates’, but only makes specific reference to the Firework Rocket Launcher. That particular weapon was among the most popular additions last year, so anyone who missed out in 2014 will perhaps want to make sure they remedy that this year.

The other content that was released last year included a monster truck, themed motorcycles and a host of red, white, and blue clothing. It’s unclear just how much of this content is set to make a return, and how much of a price cut it will receive.

However, it’s unclear exactly when we’ll see this content make its resurgence ahead of July 4. Ill-Gotten Gains Part Two is scheduled to launch on July 8, but the Rockstar blog post suggests that the Independence Day gear will tide players over until then, which suggests it could turn up in Los Santos at any time.

GTA 5 does a great job of presenting a dynamic world for players, and it’s clear that minor content updates like this keep the game’s large player base engaged. However, as much as this sort of thing might satisfy in the short term, it’s clear that what fans are really looking for is some large-scale story DLC.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Rockstar