Rockstar Games Keeps It Offensive

Rockstar Games was never a company to shy away from controversy. They've escalated the definition of what people call "Shocking". When GTA 3 came out, people were offended that you could simply kill innocent pedestrians and pick up hookers. With Vice City, you could do this in more gruesome ways (the killing, not the hookers!). In San Andreas, they had the infamous Hot Coffee Mod incident (a hidden sex-based minigame). Does Rockstar care? Nope.

So it makes sense that with The Ballad of Gay Tony, the upcoming GTA IV Downloadable Content exclusive to Xbox 360, would do the same. The British Film Board has released their official description and rating for the game's content, and it is a surprise to none:

"In cut scenes the Luis Lopez character is seen to be on the receiving end of oral sex (slumped on a chair with a woman's head buried in his lap). The same character engages in sexual intercourse on at least two different occasions. For example he stands between a woman's raised legs and thrusts into her and he also bends a woman over a desk and thrusts into her from the rear."

With such heavy scenes dropping on TV screens soon (October 29th), it's just a matter of time before a tirade of angry mothers and Jack Thompsons are on the news complaining. Thankfully,  Rockstar Games is used to such pressure and will probably react with a non-chalant "So what? It's a Mature rated game for mature-minded people" approach.

What are you thoughts on the sitation? More broadly, what are your thoughts on games showing some risque pixel booty on the big screen, innuendo or not? It's a hot topic. Go get some hot coffee.

(Oh yes, I made that joke.)

Source: Kotaku

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