Rockstar Games Could Be Revealing Its Next Game Soon

rockstar games next game

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for nearly a year, fans of Rockstar Games are waiting to see what's next from the award-winning studio. Rockstar hasn't offered any hints as to what its next game may be, but there have been plenty of rumors and supposed "leaks" flying around, usually claiming that Rockstar's next game is Bully 2 or Grand Theft Auto 6. We still don't have an official announcement as to what the next Rockstar Games title actually is, but a change to Rockstar North's offices in Edinburgh offices has led some to believe that an announcement could come sooner rather than later.

The Rockstar North office has had a huge advertisement for Red Dead Redemption 2 plastered on it for some time now, and prior to that, it featured art of Grand Theft Auto 5's main characters. With the Red Dead Redemption 2 ad coming down, it stands to reason that something else will take its place at some point in the near future, possibly advertising Rockstar's next big project.

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Of course, it's also possible that Rockstar plans on keeping its windows bare and has no plans to put another big advertisement up. Still, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating that we will learn about Rockstar's next game soon.

As stated previously, the prevailing theory is that Rockstar's next game will either be Grand Theft Auto 6 or Bully 2. Most of the rumors peg Bully 2 as the most likely candidate, with the game supposedly set to release in 2020 for both current- and next-gen consoles. A "leaker" posted what was claimed to be a Bully 2 screenshot, adding even more fuel to the fire and suggesting that Bully 2 could be farther along in development than many would have guessed.

The other possibility is Grand Theft Auto 6, which is supposedly in development for next-gen consoles. The sheer amount of money that Grand Theft Auto 5 has made, making it the most profitable entertainment product of all time, means that GTA 6 is an inevitability, but it's hard to say when it will actually see the light of day. It's been six years already since the last Grand Theft Auto game release, but with GTA 5 still appearing on sales charts and its GTA Online mode raking in serious cash, Rockstar doesn't exactly have a big financial incentive to release Grand Theft Auto 6 just yet.

Whatever Rockstar's working on, fans will just have to be patient to find out more, and continue to be weary of all the leaks and rumors that are likely to come out about the company's next game.

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