Rockstar Games' Dan Houser Not Keen On 3D

Rockstar Games Dan Houser Not Keen 3D

Over the past two years, it's pretty safe to say that Avatar brought the realm of 3D to prevalence for anyone who watches anything through a television. Following the massive success of the record-setting movie, watching things in the theater became a split choice between a more expensive 3D experience and the 'norm.' 3D Televisions became the next biggest hit after LCD screens, and the game industry hopped onto the boat with 3D game options. As it turns out, this trend isn't one that Rockstar Games Co-Vice President Dan Houser is in favor of.

It looks like Houser - who's helped write and produce each Grand Theft Auto since Vice City - believes that the integration of 3D visuals is somewhat of a meaningless addition, which is simply 'there because it is,' and doesn't help to immerse gamers into the narrative or even with the gameplay.

"I don't think anyone has solved the riddle of how you make 3D an integral part of the gaming experience."

The quote arrives from a recent interview Houser had with Variety on Max Payne 3. However, the statement applies to all of his workings - and considering how big a deal the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 is for many gamers (Jack Thompson not included - you remember him, right?), gamers are left to ponder whether his personal viewpoint on 3D integration will directly affect whether it gets put into the game. For Max Payne 3, the development of any 3D options hasn't been met with either confirmation or denial yet.

There are certainly fans of 3D gaming out there, but you'd be hard pressed to disagree that the aspect of 3D gaming is something that's being forced on customers these days. With games like Uncharted 3 supposedly pushing the boundaries of 3D Technology and Sony coming out with their own personal 3DTV catered to gamers, many companies are banking that the third dimension is more than just a fad, and unlike several times in the past, may be here to stay for quite a while.

If Houser and his colleagues actually put their minds to figuring out how one can make 3D an "integral part of the gaming experience" he could surprise himself and break a large barrier in the industry by making a game with truly mind-blowing visuals. For the time being, though, it looks like we're still miles away from having Minority Report in our living rooms.

What do you think about the state of 3D gaming these days? Do you agree with Dan Houser's views?


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Source: Variety

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