Rockstar Games Still Considering a 'LA Noire' Sequel

Rockstar Still Considering LA Noire Sequel

When LA Noire developer Team Bondi, amidst accusations of poor labor conditions, was forced to close its doors for good, many took that to be the final nail in the LA Noire sequel coffin. While some held out hope, things just continued to get worse for the franchise, despite Rockstar's love for the title and strong sales numbers.

And, yet again Rockstar is coming out to say that LA Noire 2 is still a real possibility, but won't commit to anything besides a helpful comparison illuminating a typical Rockstar title's gestation period. As we all know, it does take Rockstar a long time to get around to developing a sequel, just look at Red Dead Redemption or GTA V, but those are franchises developed in-house, and that didn't have a negative stigma attached to them.

This news comes by way of a Q&A session between Rockstar and Max Payne fans where the developer responded to questions about all of their popular franchises, but most importantly Max Payne 3. A certain amount of the session is devoted to discussing Max Payne 3 and its delay, but a few final comments are reserved for LA Noire's future, where they wrote.

It doesn't necessarily sound like things will spring to life just yet for LA Noire 2 -- Rockstar is quite busy at the moment -- but at least they aren't willing to cut their losses and move on. Of course, just like fans of LA Noire, of which I am one of the biggest, are clamoring for a sequel, so are fans of Bully and Red Dead.

When it comes to Rockstar's next title there is a delicate balancing act between giving fans what they want and satisfying their own developmental aspirations. Just think about how many fans were disappointed by the announcement of LA Noire in place of the next Grand Theft Auto.

Still, we hope that sooner rather than later, LA Noire can get the follow-up treatment it deserves. There is a really great game concept in there — and it's coupled with some very impressive technology to boot — it just needs a little bit of post-releases perspective.

Would you rather see a LA Noire sequel before the next Red Dead or Bully? How should Rockstar make LA Noire better?


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