Although most Rockstar Games fans have their attention focused on the forthcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 5, we’re sure more than a few are wondering what might be next for the high profile developer. With so many franchises now under their belt, Rockstar has quite the selection to choose from, and each one more unique than the next.

One title that could be in Rockstar’s future is Agent, the ’70s stealth action title that has been in development since 2009. Although Agent was thought cancelled at several times throughout development, a recent trademark renewal suggests the title is still alive.

According to a report from Siliconera, Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive has registered two trademarks for Agent. Those trademarks are reportedly for use with video games, computer games, online video games, and various printed materials. In other words, this is very likely the same Agent that Rockstar announced several years ago.

However, there is no guarantee that these trademark registrations are anything more than a power move by Rockstar and Take-Two to preserve their IP. It’s been almost two years since we last heard anything about Agent, and that report was simply a confirmation that Agent was not cancelled. A more recent report also suggested that Agent might be a next-gen release, which makes sense if the title is still at least a year out.

That being said, this is Rockstar Games we are talking about — a developer that likes to take their time with all of their projects. LA Noire, for example, was thought “dead” at several points during its development cycle.

In fact, Agent has a lot in common with LA Noire. Both are period pieces — Agent is set during the Cold War — and both don’t fall under the traditional Rockstar umbrella. But that’s what makes Rockstar one of our favorite developers; they continually surprise gamers with new and exciting gameplay experiences.

That doesn’t mean that gamers don’t want Rockstar-developed sequels, just that oftentimes the unknown quantity lands a little harder than the franchise iteration. Yes, Bully 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are high on the list of potential sequels, but we hope that Agent gets its chance to shine as well.

Do you hope that Rockstar is still working on Agent? Would you prefer to see that Cold War set stealth action game over a franchise sequel?

Source: Siliconera