Rocket League appears to be heading to Xbox One after a listing on the Taiwanese game rating board confirms that it has been rated for the Microsoft console.

Car/soccer hybrid Rocket League has been one of the biggest surprises of the year. After being offered for free to PS4 players via PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection, the game went viral and Rocket League managed to rack up 5 million downloads on PS4 and PC after just three weeks on sale.

However, while Steam users and owners of the Sony console have been having fun, players on Xbox One have been left out in the cold. Thankfully, it looks like those on the Microsoft machine will soon be boosting, wall-riding, and flipping towards glory, as Rocket League has just been rated for Xbox One.

Rocket League‘s Xbox One rating was spotted in a listing on the Taiwanese Game Software Rating Regulations’ website. Although the listing has since been deleted, it was captured and posted on Twitter.

While there’s an argument that the ratings board may have been mistaken and that the rating was posted in error, this seems highly unlikely since back in August, the game’s developer and publisher Psyonix revealed that the game is “absolutely, 100% going to other platforms.” And although the company wasn’t sure which platforms at the time, an Xbox One version of Rocket League seems like the obvious choice.

Rocket League screenshot

What is up in the air, however, is whether Rocket League will retain its cross-platform features when it’s released on Xbox One. While Rocket League players can’t yet create parties made up of both PS4 and PC players, the game’s matchmaking does put PC and PS4 players in games together, which means that they are much more likely to find a game.

Xbox One and Windows 10 players have cross-platform support but with Microsoft’s reluctance to cross-platform with PS4 reportedly being a key reason why Street Fighter 5 isn’t coming to Microsoft’s console, it’s unclear whether Rocket League on Xbox One will nix the cross-platform feature.

Also uncertain is whether the Xbox One version of Rocket League will launch with all of the game’s DLC. In recent weeks, Rocket League has introduced a variety of new content such as the Portal DLC, the Fallout 4 antenna DLC, and even the Back to the Future DeLorean.

Customizing cars is one of fans’ most-loved things about the game so it would be a shame if Xbox One players have to wait a while to get it. Moreover, PS4 Rocket League players can also unlock the Sweet Tooth car body (in honor of Twisted Metal) so it will be interesting to see if Xbox One players will get some similar, console-specific unlockables too.

Source: Gematsu