Psyonix reveals at The Game Awards that their mega-popular ‘car soccer’ game, Rocket League, is making its way to Xbox One early next year with exclusive cars.

A day after a report came that Rocket League had been rated for Xbox One, the current PlayStation 4 and Steam exclusive game has been officially announced for Xbox One. The announcement came in the form of a World Premiere trailer at The Game Awards.

The Xbox One version of Rocket League will see exclusive cars for this “car soccer” game that has turned into quite the smash multiplayer hit. The two cars, themed after popular Xbox franchises, are the Gears of War Armadillo and the Halo Hogsticker. PlayStation users also have exclusive car bodies specific to their franchises, such as the Sweet Tooth body from Twisted Metal.

Rocket League became surprise hit this summer when it was given to free to members of PlayStation Plus. In July alone, over 5 million people downloaded the game, and one writer here at Game Rant considers Rocket League to be his personal Game of the Year. The game has continued to be a staple for gamers and continues to stay relevant with DLC with fan-favorite themes, including Portal, Back to the Future, and Fallout 4. However, the announcement at The Game Awards did not make it clear if the DLC that has already been released will also makes its way to Microsoft’s console.

Rocket League Halo Hog

Also up in the air is whether Rocket League will retain its cross-platform features when it’s released on Xbox One. While Rocket League players can’t yet create parties made up of both PS4 and PC players, the game’s matchmaking does put PC and PS4 players in games together, which means that they are much more likely to find a game.

Xbox One and Windows 10 players have cross-platform support but with Microsoft’s supposed reluctance to cross-platform with PS4 reportedly being a key reason why Street Fighter 5 isn’t coming to Microsoft’s console, it’s unclear whether Rocket League on Xbox One will nix the cross-platform feature.

Rocket League Halo Hog

Rocket League was nominated for three awards at The Game Awards 2015, including Best Independent Game, Best Sports/Racing Game, and Best Multiplayer. It won both Best Independent Game and Best Sports/Racing Game. Best Multiplayer went to the Nintendo Wii U game Splatoon.

Are you excited that Rocket League is coming to Xbox One?

Rocket League will be released for the Xbox One in February 2016, and is currently available for PC and PS4.

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