The Game Awards 2016 to Reveal Rocket League's Next Update

Game Awards 2016 Rocket League

Rocket League developer Psyonix officially announces that the game's next major update will be revealed during The Game Awards 2016's pre-show livestream.

The Game Awards 2016 production team is firing on all cylinders in preparation for the December 1 event. Each day sees the announcement of yet another premiere that will debut during the awards show, with more to come including yet more surprises planned for the show itself. Today's no different, as developer Psyonix took to social media to announce that The Game Awards 2016 will have an exclusive announcement sure to please fans of Rocket League.

According to Psyonix, the world premiere will introduce Rocket League's next update. Considering Psyonix debuts a new update seemingly every other month, each time with impressive new content or features, the studio must have something exciting lined up for The Game Awards 2016. Alternatively, it could just be excited to show off their Christmas-themed antenna ornaments and exhaust. The announcement will not be during the show proper, but rather during the event's pre-show livestream.

Back in 2015, Psyonix was also a part of The Game Awards. During last year's award show Psyonix announced that Rocket League would be coming to Xbox One, as prior to that the game had been a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive. Rocket League for Xbox One was released in February, featuring exclusive car models like the Halo Warthog and the Gears of War Armadillo, and has been a spectacular success. That's not too surprising considering the game was already a major success on its other platforms. Unless Rocket League is coming to mobile, however, Psyonix will have to have another surprise for this year's Game Awards.


As for what Psyonix could be planning to reveal at The Game Awards, fans are divided into two camps: the grounded and the hopeful. The grounded have plenty to be excited about, of course; Psyonix is always talking about what it's working on next. Just a week ago Psyonix revealed that Steam Workshop support was being added in December. And just a day prior to that, Psyonix revealed plans for custom training sequence support in the near future. Both features would be solid, grounded announcements to show the world during the Game Awards.

The hopeful fans of Rocket League have bigger ideas of  what the announcement could be. For months after Rocket League was finally launched on Xbox One, a discussion has been ongoing about the possibility of cross-platform multiplayer being added. Just 4 months ago Psyonix came out and said that cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was "inevitable," as it's already available between the consoles and PC.  The game has been ready, but it was the publishers that weren't prepared. Perhaps that's now changed.

Expect Psyonix to make the most of the air time that Rocket League has been provided at The Game Awards 2016. Tune in to the show starting at 5:30pm PT for the event's pre-show, where Rocket League's announcement will debut.

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