The Nintendo E3 2017 Digital Event was full of a huge number of big announcements, from a Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch through to the unveilingĀ of Metroid Prime 4. The first real surprise of the show, however, was the reveal of Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch. Now, Nintendo has confirmed further details about the port via its website, including the ways in which the game works in a multiplayer format.

As it turns out, Rocket League for Switch does offer up a versatile range of multiplayer options, but it appears as though one of the primary means of multiplayer on the Switch will not be available. Although split-screen TV mode, local wireless play, and online multiplayer will be compatible with the game, playing the title in Tabletop mode is apparently only available in single player.

Should this information prove to be accurate it may be disappointing to some, but it is not exactly surprising. After all, running some kind of split screen mode on the Switch screen might make the frame rate or graphical fidelity suffer tremendously, while actually controlling one of the cars in the game with a Joy-Con could prove difficult.

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Thankfully, it looks as though other aspects of the multiplayer experience for Rocket League may make up for the potential lack of Tabletop mode multiplayer. For starters, the E3 2017 announcement for Rocket League Switch reiterated the ability to complete local wireless play with the port, which will no doubt prove useful to gamers, while the title will also be compatible with cross-platform multiplayer with Xbox One and PC users.

This actually gives the Nintendo Switch version of the game a leg up on the PS4 version. As it stands, Rocket League‘s Nintendo Switch cross play does not include Sony’s console, with Sony so far remaining adamantly against joining up with other devices to offer a comprehensive multiplayer experience. Should real cross-platform tests such as Rocket League prove successful, perhaps Sony will be willing to soften its stance somewhat and let a full cross play experience become a possibility.

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Rocket League is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will be released in Holiday 2017.

Source: Nintendo