Nintendo’s E3 2017 Digital Event started with a bang, with the company revealing a fun medley trailer showing off a number of games being played on the Nintendo Switch console. Among some games that players might expect of the Switch, however, came an unexpected game – the well-loved sports-meets-racing title Rocket League.

This is a brand new announcement with regards to Rocket League, but it’s easy to see why the title would be a great fit for the console. After all, the fun and frenetic gameplay would be great for quick matches, and ideal for on-the-go play using the Switch’s handheld functionality.

The game appeared in the first trailer of Nintendo’s E3 2017 event, alongside a number of games that had been locked in for¬†the console, such as Splatoon 2 and the newly-confirmed Pokken Tournament DX. However, Rocket League is no doubt the star of the video¬†itself, coming completely out of the blue as a Switch game. Here’s a look at the game’s Switch trailer:

Of course, some gamers had already hoped that Rocket League would be making its way to Nintendo’s new console. As a matter of fact, some determined gamers had even set up a Change petition asking for Rocket League developer Psyonix to port the game to the console – although it’s not likely that the 2,215 signatures played a big part in Psyonix’s decision making.

That said, the rumor mill has been stirring for some time with regards to a port coming over. Indeed, Rocket League developer Psyonix had previously stated that it was considering bringing the game to the Switch, and it seems now that it has become a reality – much to the contentment of Switch owners hoping to see the game on the platform.

The Rocket League Switch version will be more than just a straightforward port of the game, however, as the title will also include additional features such as wireless multiplayer, and even Mario and Luigi hats for the cars in the game. Meanwhile, it’s also been confirmed that the game will feature cross-platform play with Steam and Xbox players.

We’ll have more news regarding Rocket League on Nintendo Switch as it develops, so stay tuned for more as it unveils.

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Rocket League is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with a future release due for Nintendo Switch in Holiday 2017.