Rocket League's Nintendo Switch Cross Play Doesn't Include PS4

Rocket League Nintendo Switch cross-platform play

Nintendo has now confirmed that Rocket League will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. The Switch version of the game includes cross-platform play with the other versions of the game, however, it comes with one major caveat.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch will offer cross-platform play between the Switch, PC and Xbox One. This builds upon the existing cross-platform play feature that allows PC and Xbox One and (separately) PC and PS4 players to play with one another. But Rocket League developer Pysonix has now confirmed that the Switch version does not offer cross-platform play with the PS4, although the company did not provide a reason as to why that is the case.

This is the second game at E3 2017 to leave the Sony games console out of its cross-platform plans. Sony reportedly 'refused' to take part in the Minecraft cross-platform play update, despite (Minecraft owner) Microsoft saying that it would 'love' to have the company on board, even though Sony is its closest rival.

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Sony has yet to officially comment on why it has ducked out of multiple cross-platform plans, but on social media, fans are beginning to speculate. Everything from 'Sony is just being petty' to 'Sony is trying to force people to buy the game on PS4' have been cited as possible reasons.

The company's silence could be damaging as people continue to lash out, upset that the company is still stopping them from playing games with friends on other consoles. One industry analyst has even suggested that Sony's stance goes against its 'for the players' messaging. Niko Partners' Daniel Ahmad points out that its refusal to introduce backward compatibility on PS4 and things like a lack of 4K Blu-ray support and the ability to change a name on PSN could turn gamers away.

With over 60 million PS4 units being sold across the globe, thanks to games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, some may argue that Sony doesn't need these additional features to sell more consoles. But with the growing frustration surrounding some of the company's decisions, it's easy to see why so many are concerned. It's unclear whether the mounting pressure will lead the company to comment on the matter, but watch this space.

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Rocket League is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with a future release due for Nintendo Switch in Holiday 2017.

Source: Psyonix

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