Rocket League is now well past the label of “indie upstart”, as Psyonix’s weird mashup of futuristic cars and traditional sports has proven to be one of the best multiplayer releases in the past decade. Rocket League is so popular it has partnered with WWE and boasts its own competitive multiplayer scene, and the world domination tour for Psyonix’s title doesn’t appear to be over yet, as the game is also slated for release on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Rocket League will be the same experience on the Switch as it has been on its previous platforms, although it comes with a few significant upgrades – Rocket League will have wireless multiplayer on the Switch, and its release will coincide with the addition of Mario and Luigi hats for the cars in-game. With those new features, however, came some fear that Rocket League on Switch might become a little more expensive as a result. Luckily, those fears have been put to rest by a Psyonix employee on Reddit going by Psyonix_Devin, who had this to say:

“[Rocket League will be] USD $19.99 (Same as non-sale price on other platforms.)”

That’s big news for Rocket League and for Switch owners who want to play on the portable console, because price point will likely be the biggest issue for customers who already own a copy on another platform. While it would be absurd to speculate a higher price point would have definitely hurt Rocket League given the game’s previous successes, Psyonix choosing to outright avoid that possibility is a wise move nonetheless.

rocket league backflip

Of course, Switch owners who want to play Rocket League with friends who haven’t been able to purchase Nintendo’s highly elusive console for themselves will have the option to thanks to the cross play functionality of the title – as long as those friends don’t play on Sony’s PS4, that is. Rocket League on Switch won’t have cross play with the PS4, something that is quickly becoming a trend for Sony and a development worth keeping an eye on should Rocket League on Switch overperform in sales and leave PS4 users complaining about an inability to play with friends on Nintendo’s console.

Rocket League will release on the Nintendo Switch during the Holiday 2017 season. It is already available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit