Rocket League Goes to Space With New Arena, Car, & More


Independent game developer Psyonix used The Game Awards 2016 on Thursday night to announce the next major update that's coming to Rocket League. The update, which hits servers next week, will soon have players rocketing around in outer space.

Psyonix said its new space-themed update, Starbase ARC, features a new arena that will be free for everyone, as well as a new premium DLC car and a new custom training mode. Rocket League also now supports Steam Workshop, which will allow users to create custom levels for the game. Finally, Psyonix is offering a "Champion Series IV" Crate  packed with exclusive items that will support the developer's eSports initiatives. Fans can get a look at the new arena and car in the short trailer below.


While the new arena does look pretty interesting, it should be noted that Psyonix got the idea for Starbase ARC from one of the company's mobile titles, ARC Squadron. The new arena is an octagonally-shaped space station orbiting a desert planet in a distant galaxy, according to a Psyonix press release. The space station will shoot lasers when goals are scored and players who pan the camera up will be able to see starships and planetoids float on by. The trailer also provides a few quick glimpses of the new DLC car, the Vulcan. It unsurprisingly shares the arena's outer space theme in some of its design elements.

This update's other big feature when it hits on December 7 will be the new custom training mode, which is available for free for all players. Psyonix has more details in a blog post on its website. The mode will allow players to test and perfect their shots from all angles in the arena and then upload their training to a database so that other players can watch and learn. This sounds like the perfect training tool for anyone who wants to get serious about playing the game professionally.

While this update is on par with most of Rocket League's other major releases, it may be a little disappointing for fans who were expecting cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to be announced. Fans started speculating about this addition when Psyonix first teased earlier this week that it would have an announcement at The Game Awards.

The developer had stoked the flames earlier this year when it said that the game was ready to support play between the two competing consoles. Microsoft, of course, made an open offer to Sony regarding cross-platform play in early 2016 but Sony never quite offered full support for the idea, probably thanks to its large lead on the sales charts.

Rocket League is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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