Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham discusses the possibility of PS4 to Xbox One cross-platform play in Rocket League, calling the feature ‘inevitable.’

Rocket League made history earlier this year when it became the first Xbox One game to support cross-platform play with PC. Now developer Psyonix is looking to make history yet again by becoming the first game to support cross-platform play between PS4 and Xbox One. Sony has yet to give its blessing on the matter, but Psyonix is confident that it will get the go-ahead.

Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham stated that cross-platform play between the two competing consoles is “inevitable.” Unfortunately, a potential time frame was not offered by Dunham, so if cross-platform play between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Rocket League is as “inevitable” as Psyonix believes, there’s no telling when it could be implemented.

We know that Rocket League has already been prepped for PS4/Xbox One cross-play, with Psyonix stating in the past that turning the feature on would just be a matter of hours. Despite Psyonix’s confidence, however, there’s no guarantee that such a feature would ever get the green light from Sony.

Rocket League Sales

When Sony was asked about the possibility of cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One, the company gave a noncommittal answer, stating that it would be “happy to have the conversation” with any interested parties. That doesn’t mean Sony will ever actually open the door for PS4 gamers to play multiplayer games with Xbox One owners, as there’s one big reason why that may not be such a good idea for the company.

While Sony would probably enjoy some positive buzz for awhile, allowing cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One only serves to aid its competition. It would potentially mean that Xbox One owners won’t have to purchase a PS4 to play multiplayer games with their friends, and therefore could cut into PS4 sales. Sony is not exactly hurting for positive press, so it seems like the risk of allowing such a feature may not be worth the reward.

Ultimately, Rocket League cross-platform play between PS4 and Xbox One is a decision that has to be made by Sony. The company will need to weigh the pros and cons of such a decision, as it could open the floodgates for other third-party multiplayer games supporting the feature as well, which could make owning a PS4 less of a priority for some consumers. However, most gamers would probably like to see cross-play, so hopefully Sony doesn’t leave Rocket League fans hanging for too long.

Rocket League is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN