Psyonix announces brand free cosmetic DLC for Rocket League based on Valve’s popular first-person puzzle game franchise Portal, to be released on December 1st.

The Rocket League faithful have enjoyed plenty of paid and free DLC for the game since it launched last summer, with the post-launch support by developer Psyonix showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, yet another batch of free DLC has been announced for Rocket League, this time based on one of Valve’s most popular franchises.

The PC version of Rocket League will receive DLC based on Portal beginning December 1st. The free DLC comes in the form of new customization options, which have to be earned one at a time by playing full matches in Rocket League.

These new customization options include a cake topper, a conversion gel rocket trail, a companion cube antenna, and more. The items can be applied to any vehicle in the game, including the new cars that are coming in the upcoming Chaos Run expansion pack.

Unfortunately, the free Portal-themed DLC coming to Rocket League is currently only planned for the PC version of the game at this point, so PlayStation 4 players are out of luck. In the past, Sony and Valve have had a good working relationship, with Portal 2 featuring cross-platform mulitplayer play between PS3 and PC, so maybe the two companies can work something out to allow PS4 Rocket League players to enjoy the Portal DLC as well.

Rocket League Adds Free Portal DLC - Aperture Science antenna

If the Rocket League community on PC responds well to the Portal DLC, perhaps a more significant Portal-themed expansion could make its way into the game. It would be cool to see a map based on the Aperture Science laboratories, or maybe GLaDOS could even make an appearance. One thing that would be especially interesting to see would be actual portals added to Rocket League as a new mutator, as it would likely add a very hectic new wrinkle to the already fast-paced gameplay.

Regardless, Psyonix’s unwavering dedication to Rocket League and its large community of players has been impressive. The DLC, whether paid or free, has been creative and varied, with past DLC based on films such as Back to the Future and games like Fallout 4. Considering what has been released for the game so far, it will definitely be interesting to see what will come next for Rocket League.

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Rocket League is currently available for PC and PlayStation 4. The free Portal-themed DLC will only be available for the PC version of the game for the time being, beginning December 1st.

Source: Steam Community