Rocket League developer Psyonix details the upcoming addition of a way in-game items used to decorate vehicles can be swapped from player to player.

In 2015, Rocket League was arguably one of the biggest sleeper hits of the year — and developer Psyonix has been doing everything possible to make the most of that popularity. Now, the studio has detailed some major changes to the way that the game treats customization items.

The aftermath of each online game of Rocket League gives players the chance to win a randomized item that can be used to personalize their vehicle. An update earlier this year made it possible to receive duplicates of items that the player has already unlocked, and now it’s been confirmed that this is to facilitate a trading system.

Players will soon be able to exchange five items from a particular rarity tier for one from the next tier up. This should give anyone who plays regularly an opportunity to cast off any items they have no use for in favour of something a bit more interesting — and it’s not the only trading option on its way.

Psyonix also has plans to introduce a full player-to-player trading system to Rocket League before the end of 2016. However, while the trade-in system is expected to join the game in a large update scheduled to hit before the end of June, there are no specifics as to when player-to-player trades will be possible.

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To build up some extra interest in the game’s item trading system, Psyonix is adding to extra rarity tiers to the objects on offer. Once the update is applied, Rare and Very Rare items will start appearing as postgame rewards — and based on what’s already present in the game, these decorations are sure to be weird and wonderful.

2016 has already been a banner year for Rocket League, and it looks set to get even better when this update is applied over the next few weeks. Last month, the game received the much-anticipated addition of cross-platform multiplayer across Xbox One and PC.

Now, the improvements to its item trading system looks set to give Rocket League some of the appeal that Team Fortress 2 has enjoyed thanks to the enduring popularity of its hats. The game already has the compelling competitive gameplay it needs to keep players coming back — but improvements to its item system are sure to make the experience even more addictive.

Rocket League is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: VG247