Rocket League Finally Gets Rid of Paid Loot Crates

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Popular racing-car/soccer video game, Rocket League, was recently acquired by Epic Games. This acquisition didn’t really sit well with some fans out there as the famous car-soccer video game was review bombed on Steam in the wake of this acquisition. However, it should be noted that Rocket League’s developer Psyonix has always been helpful when it comes to supporting its game and the community. Now, the company has announced that it will be removing all paid loot crates from the game later this year in order to create the best possible experience for all the players. 

In a blog post today, Psyonix revealed that it would be bringing a similar change that was implemented by Fortnite earlier this year. All the paid loot crates will be replaced by a new system of paid rewards that actually shows the players what items they will be buying prior to the purchase. The studio had previously made changes to their loot boxes by disclosing the odds of loot boxes back in July 2018 after the Netherlands deemed their loot boxes unlawful. It looks like the company is finally going to get rid of all randomized rewards and provide players with better ways to spend their money.

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It’s still unclear what triggered this change, and according to Psyonix, this decision shows that the studio is "dedicated to creating the best possible experience for the players all over the world." It’s also important to note that multiple countries are actually investigating loot boxes and deciding whether these random boxes should be treated as gambling or not. Recently a US senator proposed a bill that would actually ban all types of random loot boxes and other pay-to-win items from games that are targeted to children. The bill has received bipartisan, but it’s still under discussion. 

Many other studios are finally making changes to loot boxes and other random paid reward mechanics. EA scrapped loot boxes from Star Wars: Battlefront II and also dropped FIFA points in accordance with the new regulations in certain countries. Although, EA did rebrand their loot boxes as “surprise mechanics” in a UK testimony and said that loot boxes a.k.a “Surprise Mechanics” were completely ethical and fun. This testimony did lead some popular studios to make fun of EA’s defense. It remains to be seen how the gaming industry actually deals with loot boxes and other pay-to-win mechanics without hurting their long-term profits. 

Rocket League is available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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