Rocket League Gets Crossover DLC From The Fate of the Furious

rocket league fate of the furious dlc

At this point, there are very few properties that developer Psyonix hasn't worked out some sort of deal with. With everything from Halo's Warthog to Back to the Future's DeLorean making an appearance in the studio's Rocket League, it was really only a matter of time before some of the more obvious candidates for inclusion began to fall in line. So, what's the latest property joining the vehicular-sports game? Why, it's none other than Universal's upcoming The Fate of the Furious.

As the next installment of the longstanding The Fast and the Furious series of films, The Fate of the Furious is currently set to arrive in theaters on April 14th. In preparation for the film's debut, Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Ice Charger from the movie will be arriving in Rocket League on April 4th. Fans of both franchises can scope out Vin Diesel's ride a little early as a result of this release schedule, but it will cost them $1.99 USD to do so.

Of course, the cheaper alternative is to simply watch the trailer for Rocket League's newest whip below.

This should make for a solid marketing move for both Psyonix and Universal, as it helps bring both Rocket League and The Fate of the Furious, respectively, to a number of additional news feeds. The Vice President of Psyonix, Jeremy Dunham, recently admitted that seeing these brands crossover into the world his company created provides mutually beneficial branding for everyone included. Plus, there's then the opportunity to generate additional funds based on revenue from the DLC, and as the most downloaded PS4 game of 2016, that's sure to be an enticing offer for any party involved.

For now, there's no telling what other vehicles may be coming to the game in the future. Although, with Psyonix currently weighing whether or not it wants to bring Rocket League to the Nintendo Switch, there's potential that players may see some Nintendo-themed cars a la what's present on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Perhaps a Koopa Clown car, a modified version of Samus Aran's gunship, or even Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon would work best.

That's all speculation at this point, but gamers can now look forward to tearing it up as The Fate of the Furious’ Dodge Ice Charger very soon.

Rocket League is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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