Rocket League Will Receive More Free DLC Including Match Mutators & Hockey

By | 1 year ago 

Psyonix reveals that more free content is coming to its wildly popular game, Rocket League, including the ability to add unique and custom settings called mutators.

In a free update coming next month, developer Psyonix plans to give players even more control over their matches by promising a number of new ways to play their popular soccer-with-cars game, Rocket League. Citing mods and modes of Unreal Tournament as inspiration, fan requested mutators are being added to the game, which are essentially a ton of unique and interesting presets and custom settings for players to experiment with.

Only a few of the final modifiers have been revealed for Rocket League including Beach Ball, where players battle over a massive soccer ball, Demolition, which causes minor explosions every time the ball hits the ground, and Moonball which effectively lowers the gravity during the match. Certain mutators even take inspiration from the game’s predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, like Cubic and Time Warp. 

Players will also be able to partake in a “Mutator Mashup” playlist that features pre-made custom matches with a number of oddball settings activated. The debut trailer also teases hockey being added to the game in another free update in December.

Players interested in seeing how these mutators actually work will get the opportunity to see them live tomorrow at 2pm PDT when Psyonix streams live gameplay on the official Rocket League Twitch channel and goes over some of the mutators in greater detail. For those who won’t be able to tune in, the developer is also kicking off an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit on November 3.

Rocket League continues to be a massive success story surpassing one million downloads on Steam a couple months ago, and five million downloads alone on PlayStation 4 since it hit the market in July. Part of that total is thanks to Sony’s decision to include Rocket League as a free PlayStation Plus title for July, but word of mouth through social media, YouTube, and streaming services like Twitch has also had a major impact on the popularity of this party-centric game. With more free downloadable content on the way over the next few months, Psyonix hopes the momentum can continue into 2016.

Are you looking forward for the opportunity to change how a typical match is played with these mutators? What else would you like to see Psyonix add to Rocket League?

Source: PlayStation Blog