Rocket League Is Getting Cross-Network Play On Xbox One

Rocket League Cross Network Play

Psyonix confirms that Rocket League will now support cross-network play, allowing gamers on the Xbox One to play against those on a PC.

Rocket League gamers have been hoping that cross-network play would be on the cards at some point, and today developer Psyonix has confirmed it's officially happening. The news comes as a stark contrast to what they said three months ago, but it seems time truly makes liars of us all. With Rocket League getting both a new basketball mode and even the Batmobile in the near future, things are certainly happening quickly for the game, which first made waves as a free PSN title.

The inclusion of cross-network play means that gamers playing Rocket League from an Xbox One will be able to play with those playing from a Windows 10 PC, and Psyonix states this makes Rocket League the first ever title to support such a feat (to our knowledge, that would actually be #IDARB). Xbox boss Phil Spencer says it's OK if some PC gamers don't buy an Xbox One, and enabling PC gamers to play console fans certainly reiterates his point. Originally, Fable Legends was slated to support cross-network play as well, but that title was cancelled last week.

Those eager to jump onto the console and score a hat-trick against their PC gaming counterparts will have to observe some patience, as Psyonix has stated that cross-play won't be available until later this Spring. While the studio didn't put forth any official date, summer doesn't seem too far away, so we'd take a guess that the update will arrive around April. We'll keep you posted when the official date comes to light.

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Even before Rocket League came to the Xbox One, creative fans had found a way to bring vehicular soccer action onto the console. Halo 5 fans managed to remake Rocket League using ghosts, and many fans had been expecting an Xbox One port of the game ever since its explosion into party-game popularity.

Those hoping that PS4 and Xbox One gamers will be able to play Rocket League against one another aren't entirely out of luck either, as Psyonix did state that information regarding other platforms would be coming soon. Microsoft itself stated today that there is an "open invitation for other networks to participate as well," so it looks like the ball is in Sony's court to see if PS4 cross-network play will become a real prospect. We'll keep you informed on how that develops, too.

Are you excited for PC vs Xbox One cross-network play, Ranters?

Rocket League is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Psyonix

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