Rocket League Getting Free Aquatic Arena

Rocket League Getting Free Aquatic Arena - Aquadome

Psyonix releases a BioShock-esque trailer for Rocket League, revealing a brand new aquatic arena, the Aquadome, which will be added to the game for free in October.

Even though it's been well over a year since Rocket League was first unleashed on the masses, the popularity of the soccer-with-cars game persists. This is largely due to developer Psyonix releasing both free and paid updates for the game on a regular basis, meaning fans constantly have new content to sink their teeth into, whether that's new cosmetic items or new arenas to master. As it turns out, the next update for Rocket League is right around the corner, set to launch at some point next month.

Rocket League's October update - introduced in a flashy trailer that draws parallels to BioShock, of all games - will bring with it a brand new arena for all players, free of charge. Known as the Aquadome, this new arena is entirely underwater, with sea creatures like sharks and jellyfish swimming just outside its walls. Structurally, it is the same as almost all the other Rocket League arenas, but from a visual standpoint, it looks to be one of the most visually stunning maps Psyonix has released to date.

The Aquadome isn't the only thing players can look forward to in Rocket League's October update. Along with the new arena, Psyonix is adding a pair of two new cars for players to enjoy, costing $1.99 apiece. The first is the sleek Triton, which takes the shape of a submarine, and the second is the Proteus, which is designed to look like a marine biology research vessel. These impressive new vehicles join all the game's previously released cars, including the Batmobile and Back to the Future's DeLorean.


October's update marks the first major content update for Rocket League that we've seen in a few months, but that doesn't mean Psyonix is necessarily slowing down support for the game. On the contrary, Psyonix has big plans for Rocket League's future updates, and if it has its way, one of those updates could even make Rocket League the first PS4/Xbox One cross-play game.

While cross-play between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Rocket League may never materialize, Psyonix could bring back lapsed players in other ways as well. Free new maps like the Aquadome can help achieve that goal, as can adding brand new game modes, like the basketball mode that was added to the game earlier this year.

Whether it's new game modes or more free arenas, we're not quite sure what else Psyonix has planned for the future of Rocket League beyond October's Aquadome update, but one has to imagine that there's something in the works. Assuming Rocket League is able to maintain its popularity and continue raking in millions of dollars, Psyonix will likely support the popular soccer-with-cars hybrid game for years to come.

Rocket League is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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