For players of Rocket League, it’s no surprise that the title has been a tremendous success, from its brilliant concept through to its moreish gameplay, but now the extent of the popularity of the game has been revealed for all. Developer Psyonix has confirmed that Rocket League now has 33 million players, and has combined this announcement with giving further details about the game’s new Year 2 Anniversary Update.

The update in question includes a wealth of new features for the game, including a new map called Champions Field, different engine sound effects and goal explosions, and even plenty of extra customization items from beloved TV show Rick and Morty. All in all, it’s likely to keep players of Rocket League happy for a while yet.

Alongside details of the Year 2 Anniversary Update, Psyonix also revealed a little more of what it has planned to help celebrate the second anniversary of the game. The developer has confirmed a Double Drop-Rate Weekend for Rocket League, in which uncommon (and above) free customization items and active Crates are now more likely to drop post-match, while players also have double the chance of earning a Painted version of an item. This campaign only runs until Monday, July 10, so players need to get in quick.

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As well as the impressive figure of 33 million players, Psyonix also revealed a number of other statistics for Rocket League. According to the developer, players have worked their way through over 1.5 billion matches, while the game averages out at 1.6 million daily users. Meanwhile, users have managed to score just shy of 7 billion goals in the game so far.

Although the title has cemented its place as one of the most important games of the current generation, from the sounds of it Rocket League is really only just beginning. In particular, Nintendo gamers will be particularly happy about the future of the game, as Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch complete with cross-play to other platforms.

However, those hoping for a unified cross-play system across all devices are going to be left disappointed – at least for now. Sony’s PS4 has been conspicuously absent from the cross-play announcements for other console devices, with Psyonix executive Jeremy Dunham revealing that Rocket League cross-play on PS4 is a political barrier rather than a technical one. Hopefully, PS4 users will eventually be able to play the soccer-racing hybrid with their friends on other consoles.

Source: Rocket League