The official Rocket League YouTube page uploads a new trailer for the latest car pack, which will feature a battle-car based on Batman‘s iconic Batmobile.

The trailer shows Bruce Wayne’s famous ride emerging onto the center of the Rocket League field before using its infamous jet-boost to score a goal into an empty net, dramatically drifting into position directly in front as the goal is converted. The Batmobile will be added to Rocket League via a new car pack as part of an advertising campaign for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the pack will also include three exclusive Antenna flags that will reference Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, all from the aforementioned film.

The news regarding the Batmobile won’t come as a huge surprise to fans of Psyonix’s smash hit multiplayer game, as it comes after months of speculation regarding which famous vehicles deserved a place in Rocket League that saw the Batmobile often topping each list. Those looking for the exact release date of the car pack will have to wait however, as the trailer does not indicate when fans can expect to take the Batmobile for a spin themselves.

The decision to tie-in Batman v Superman with Rocket League was likely an easy one for all parties involved, as the Batmobile is a natural fit to Rocket League‘s frenetic, car-flipping pace. While it wasn’t too long ago that the game was a smaller new release that was generating some buzz on the PlayStation Plus network, Rocket League has now earned over $50 million and has enough mainstream recognition to strike deals with blockbuster film releases. Not bad for a game that was initially free to PS Plus members.

Of course, the game’s meteoric rise made it so that it couldn’t remain a PS4 and PC exclusive for too long. Rocket League launched for the Xbox One just over a week ago, and has met the same kind of critical and commercial success it has received on other platforms. Psyonix even offered Xbox One gamers most of Rocket League‘s previous DLC for free should they decide to purchase the game, likely as a gesture of good will toward a player demographic that had been clamoring for their turn with the title for months.

While Rocket League is one of the best local multiplayer games on current gen systems, its success has also stemmed from Psyonix’s dedication to creating new content that is influenced by the requests of its fans. Sometimes those requests ask for an Xbox One exclusive Halo Warthog battle-car, and other times seemingly every gamer in the world is asking for a Batman-themed DLC pack. Whatever the demand, however, it’s become clear over Rocket League‘s brief existence that Psyonix will go the extra mile to keep gamers happy, and the Batmobile is yet another example of that philosophy in practice.

Are you excited to saddle up in the Batmobile while playing some Rocket League? What’s the next car you want to see added? Let us know in the comments below.

Rocket League is available now for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube