Rocket League Reaches 1 Million Steam Sales, Free With Steam Link Pre-Order

Rocket League 1 Million Steam Sales

Rocket League has certainly managed to stay in the spotlight since its release almost two months ago, taking advantage of all the attention to continue a steady growth in users. The soccer (or football, to the rest of the world) game features players driving rocket-powered vehicles in a sports arena, and actually manages to produce some intense and wacky team-based gameplay. Those who give Rocket League a try seem to enjoy it, and if the countless YouTube videos are any indication, the game has become an instant classic among fans.

Today, the game reached a new milestone on Steam, and developer Psyonix has put the game on sale to celebrate.

Rocket League is available for a discount on Steam today to commemorate reaching over one million sales on Steam. The game launched itself into mainstream popularity about a month ago when it was announced as a free title for PlayStation Plus users. Weeks later, the game had over 5 million digital downloads to its name, mostly from word-of-mouth growth as gamers played and enjoyed the free download. Reddit was soon filled with plenty of Rocket League goal videos which spurred on more downloads, and the ball kept rolling from there. The mark of a million Steam sales is a significant point in the game's history too, as it's a clear indication that gamers are willing to put down actual cash to experience the game, and not just enjoy it as free bonus content.


Valve has also announced anyone who has pre-ordered the Steam Controller or Steam Link prior to August 27th will get Rocket League and Portal 2 for free on Steam, which is a great gesture of gratitude for those putting faith in Valve's latest hardware-based ventures. Those Steam keys are being doled out right now, and everyone should have them by September 4th.

The 10% off on Steam sale is a bit of a misfire, however, as gamers can still get the game for 20% off on GreenManGaming until August 28th. Still, it's a great gesture to celebrate a significant milestone on the platform, and may push a few more fence-sitters to give the game at try.

With over six million sales across both PS4 and PC, and a planned release for the SteamOS and Mac users, it makes sense that Xbox One players might be feeling a little left out. There may be hope on the horizon, though, as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Psyonix, Jeremy Dunham, recently revealed that they "will never say never to any of the platforms that are current gen." This seems to be a strong indicator that the studio would be very open to a belated release on Microsoft's console, though only time will tell if Rocket League can make the cut as a multi-console title.

Until then, the game still continues to rack up Steam sales. The first downloadable content for the game, Supersonic Fury, is available for an additional $4.99.

Do you think Rocket League is worth the price tag, or would you only play it for free?

Rocket League is currently available for PC and PS4.

Source: Twitter, Steam

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