Mad Catz Apologizes for Rock Band 4 Xbox One Shortages

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Rock Band 4 opened up to positive feedback this Tuesday (read our review here), with copies of the game shipping to gamers all around the globe. Unfortunately, the large-scale launch wasn’t without issues, and it looks like plenty of gamers hoping to get the standalone Rock Band 4 bundle on Xbox One have been left with empty hands.

Mad Catz has officially sent out an apology to Xbox One gamers who were unable to secure their own legacy adapter and core game bundle, stating that there are currently massive shortages for the standalone Xbox One edition. Thankfully, the PlayStation 4 core game – and any instrument based bundles – remain unaffected by the issue.

Gamers who still have their old legacy instruments on the Xbox One were informed that the console would require a legacy adapter last month, since the console is unable to communicate with any wireless Xbox 360 instruments (with the exception of microphones, which are standard USB peripherals). Since buying an expensive band-in-a-box bundle doesn’t make much sense for those who already have existing instruments, plenty have attempted to get the core game and legacy adapter bundle – although few were able to secure their own standalone bundle through both retail stores and online shopping.

Rock Band 4 E3 2015 Preview

Mad Catz global PR executive Alex Verrey chimed in on the shortage, stating fans should have pre-ordered the game if they wanted launch-day access with the core bundle.

For months now we have been saying again and again how important it was to pre-order if you wanted to receive hardware on day one. We did warn that demand would be high!

Verrey pointed consumers towards online websites like Game, Amazon and the Mad Catz website itself, although none of them have the Xbox One standalone bundle in stock at the time of this article. After placing several calls, we found that most retail outlets stated they didn’t even get the core game and legacy adapter bundle for Xbox One, and only had stock of the instrument-based bundles.

Even those who pre-ordered the bundle weren’t safe, as plenty of consumers have reported delays from websites like Amazon, who stated that some pre-orders are postponed as Amazon awaits a ‘revised estimate from their supplier’. Verrey promised that these delays were just part of a supply and demand issue with the adapters, and that the Xbox One standalone bundle itself won’t be facing any large-scale delays.

The game is currently available for download from the Xbox One Games Store, though without the legacy adapter any Xbox gamers hoping to use their old legacy instruments are still out of luck. We can only hope that new stock arrives quickly from Mad Catz, whom are banking on Rock Band 4 becoming a huge commercial success to balance their budgets.

Rock Band 4 is currently available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: EuroGamer