‘Rock Band 4’ Will Work With Old ‘Guitar Hero’ Instruments

By | 2 years ago 

Harmonix has kept fans up-to-date as news trickles out from the studio behind the upcoming Rock Band 4, the long-awaited next generation sequel to the hit rhythm-based music title. The studio has launched more than one survey asking fans what they want to see in the game, and it seems based on those answers that the studio will be making Rock Band 4 backwards compatible when it comes to existing instruments.

The studio confirmed that the new instruments bundled with the game will feature no drastic design changes, so it makes sense that instruments from their old games – and even Guitar Hero – would still be compatible. It’s a great gesture, as the previous games had quite a jump in price when comparing the core game to the instrument bundle. Hardcore fans likely still have a plethora of instruments collected as well, so they’ll be more than ready to jump in when it’s time to play.

Rock Band 4 Instruments

Those with keyboards and pro guitars will still be out of luck, since Harmonix has decided to focus on the original 4 instruments (guitar, bass, drums and microphone) as opposed to focusing on their latter expansions – although the Harmonix CEO did mention that virtual reality would be a game-changer for the series. In the meantime, the studio will be pushing out brand new instruments for those who don’t have anything to play with, so those without instruments should have nothing to worry about.

This development also shines hope on the idea that fans with existing libraries of previously purchased Rock Band music will be able to port those songs over to the new game, an idea floated by Harmonix during one of their recent surveys. If the instruments can be backwards compatible, the music has a good chance as well, despite the licensing headache it would bring for Harmonix. The game will also feature 60 frames per second gameplay, which will undoubtedly give the rhythm gave a beautifully smooth feeling.

Rock Band 4 Figures

Rhythm games were at their prime back in 2009, but it’s been several years since store shelves were dominated by bulky instrument packs. With both Rock Band and Guitar Hero reviving their respective series, both properties will battle for the top spot in a gamble regarding whether or not fans are hungry for more.

What do you think about the backwards compatible nature of the game, Ranters? Do you have old instruments that you’ll be using in the game?

Rock Band 4 is slated as an upcoming release for Xbox One and Playstation 4.