‘Rock Band 4’ Release Date, Bundle Prices

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Ever since the initial announcement three months ago, Harmonix has been delivering a steady stream of information in regards to Rock Band 4. Though plenty of gameplay-specific information was released, Harmonix has remained quiet on the actual release date, which fans estimated would be late 2015. Due to some premature online retail postings today, it now seems like Rock Band 4 will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 6th, sooner than most had anticipated.

Though Amazon took down the postings minutes later, Harmonix soon confirmed the release date when their official site was ready to link to those same Amazon listings. This means that the Rock Band 4 will be available well ahead of the holiday season. It’s a profitable time of the year for most games, but exceptionally so for those selling large bundles like Rock Band.

Amazon was the website which mistakenly leaked the release date and pricing for the game across all of their bundle options this morning, which forced Harmonix’s hand in the reveal. Intrepid viewers were able to quickly screenshot and archive the pages, which were quickly shared around the internet.

Rock Band 4 Gameplay

It looks like the full ‘band-in-a-box’ software bundle will retail with a steep $250 price tag, which will net gamers the game itself, a guitar, a drum set and a microphone. Players who opt to get the bundle through Amazon will reportedly also get an impressive 34 extra tracks for doing so, although they aren’t individually listed online at the time of posting. There’s also a more affordable ‘guitar and game’ bundle which costs $130 total, which doesn’t include the drums or microphone.

Those who already have old instrument sets will still be able to use them on their next generation consoles, with the software-only bundle of the game retailing for around $70. Harmonix and co-publisher Mad Catz have acknowledged the new instruments may be in short supply upon the game’s launch, so these looking to purchase full kits may want to pre-order their bundles for added security.

Instrument compatibility aside, it was also revealed that previously purchased songs can be imported into the new game, which dramatically expands the existing content for longtime fans of the series. It’s great to see Harmonix building the game around what fans already have, and the additional content is sure to drastically increase the playability of Rock Band 4.

Rock Band 4 is reportedly scheduled for an October 6th, 2015 release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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