'Rock Band' Headed to PS4 & Xbox One, According to New Report

Rock Band PS4 Xbox One Report

Those who have been following game news as of late will know that the worst kept secret in gaming is the resurgence of popular music rhythm series Rock Band. While developer Harmonix has always seemed interested in bringing back their peripheral-crazy franchise, they’ve only just now started to genuinely tease the possibility.

It started with a short survey that asked fans what they wanted to see in a new Rock Band game, and the anticipation and expectation only grew more fervent when Harmonix released new Rock Band 3 DLC (the first in almost two years) with a resurrection theme. That’s all to say, all signs are pointing towards Rock Band coming back and it’s only a matter of time before Harmonix makes it official.

Even so, a little extra weight to the rumors doesn’t hurt, and that’s what financial site Bloomberg has added. They claim that a source with inside knowledge of Harmonix’s plan has confirmed a new Rock Band is on the way.

Bloomberg’s source did not reveal when fans might expect the Rock Band reveal, but PAX East appears to be the frontrunner. This week, PAX East attendees had the chance to select pins for their badge lanyards, and among those potential badges were some Rock Band-themed options. It’s obviously possible that these badges mean nothing, but given the news surrounding Rock Band’s resurrection it’s hard not to draw a connection.

Rock Band Track Packs End April

However, while most agree that Rock Band will be back within the next year, nobody (outside of Harmonix) knows what form the rhythm game reboot will take. There is the hope that this new game will include better instrument peripherals, an improved UI, and the ability to import our old Rock Band libraries, but there hasn’t been so much as a peep from Harmonix. If you’d like to know what we want the next game to include make sure to read our wish list for Rock Band 4,

Until then, though, it’s best to remain patient and wait to see what Harmonix does, or doesn’t do, at PAX East in early March. That is, unless someone spills the beans before then. It could certainly happen and it wouldn’t be unexpected.

When do you think Harmonix will announce a new Rock Band? What are you hoping to see from the game?

Source: Bloomberg

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