Rock Band 4 Unleashes New Tracks and a Gameplay Trailer

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Many gamers may be ready to admit that the golden age of the rhythm genre is over, but a few developers (and fans) are still doing everything they can to keep the song alive. The team at Harmonix is attempting to make it easy for previous-gen console owners to jump right back into the music scene with Rock Band 4 come October. Although the game’s instruments may be old, there will be plenty of new tunes to master when Rock Band 4 releases this fall.

In the months leading up to the release of Rock Band 4, Harmonix has slowly been teasing fans by announcing a few tracks at a time. Before today, there were 11 songs confirmed for the game’s set lists and after this morning’s announcement that number has doubled. In true Rock Band style, the songs offer a great variety of genre and musical eras, with everything from Van Morrison to Paramore making the cut.

The total song count is up to 22 now and we hope to see it continue to grow. Here’s the full list of new additions from Harmonix

Rock Band 4 E3 2015 Preview

Aerosmith – “Toys in the Attic”
The Cure – “Friday I’m in Love”
Dream Theater – “Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper”
Foo Fighters – “The Feast and the Famine”
Judas Priest – “Halls of Valhalla”
Live – “All Over You”
The Outfield – “Your Love”
Ozzy Osbourne – “Miracle Man”
Paramore – “Still Into You”
St. Vincent – “Birth in Reverse”
Van Morrison – “Brown Eyed Girl”

In addition to the list of new songs and artists, the gameplay trailer also gives a closer look at what it will be like to play “The Feast and the Famine,” “Halls of Valhalla,” and “Friday I’m in Love.” As we explained in our E3 hands-on demo recap, Rock band 4 provides a very familiar visual and gameplay experience with a few tweaks and improvements.

The video hints at some of the changes to the game’s user interface, but only players who poured dozens of hours into the last Rock Band are likely to notice the difference. The minor tweaks must have been done post E3, because the UI looks slightly different than what Game Rant saw there. Harmonix has confirmed that there will be some new and improved UI elements, but the developer is not quite ready to detail those changes just yet. Maybe the developer noticed our list of requests for Rock Band 4 and is working them in?

Keeping the Rock Band franchise alive is going to require a delicate balance of making changes that will appeal to new fans, while keeping the Rock Band feel in tact enough to draw back players from the previous generation. Harmonix has a big task with this one, but with a strong set list and a reasonably low financial entry point, it seems like Rock Band 4 has a fighting chance.

What do you think of the newly announced songs? What are hits are you hoping show up in the game this fall? Let us know in the comments.

Rock Band 4 releases October 6, 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Harmonix