Rock Band 3 Trailer Reveals New Songs [Update]

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Harmonix has released a brand new trailer for Rock Band 3.  Near the beginning of the video, right after pointing out that the game will feature "Over 80 Amazing New Songs," a portion of the game's playlist can be seen in the background.

Though many of the songs merely read "Placeholder" followed by a number, there are some full titles and artists present.  Were someone, giddy with excitement for Rock Band 3, to meticulously pour over that part of the video, again and again, in order to extract even the smallest bit of information that might be hiding there, that person just might come up with something.  Someone like me.

Near as I can tell, none of these songs have been officially announced for Rock Band 3, but they all appear in the new trailer.  Have a look:

  • "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat, and Tears
  • "25 to 6 to 4" by Chicago
  • "Midlife Crisis" by Faith No More
  • "Need You Tonight" by INXS
  • "20th Century Boy" by T-Rex
  • "Roundabout" by Yes

In addition to outing these new songs, the trailer runs down some of Rock Band 3's many features (importing DLC, compatibility will all music game instruments, seven player simultaneous gameplay) before launching full force into a display of the mighty Pro Mode.

Watching the note path of Brian May's tricky guitar run at the end of "Bohemian Rhapsody's" rocking middle-section, followed by the keyboard transition, totally blew my mind.  If there is anyone left who doubts the  significance of Pro Mode, this video should clear that right up for them.  You've just gotta see it.

Between the new keyboard and guitars, the new drums, pitch correction, and Pro Mode, I just don't know how much more can be added to Rock Band 3.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: I could not be more excited for this game.

Including the six songs revealed today, we are up to twenty-eight total songs confirmed for Rock Band 3.  That leaves somewhere north of fifty songs yet to be revealed.  What tunes do you hope make the cut?  I'll get you started -- my pick would be "Back of a Car" by the legendary Big Star.  Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

[Update: the trailer seems to have been removed. Trust me when I say that it was awesome, and that as soon as it turns back up, Game Rant will have it for you.]

Rock Band 3 blows what is left of my mind October 31st, 2010, on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS.

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