New Rock Band 3 Trailer Explains Keyboard Gameplay

Rock Band 3

You’ve seen it. You want it. You need it. The new keyboard peripheral for Rock Band 3 has been a long time coming.

Ever since the first Rock Band, gamers have been requesting that Harmonix throw in a keyboard to make the complete band experience. Issues like a cluttered set of note highways and songs that wouldn’t take advantage of the keyboard were some of the reasons the developer shied away from including a keyboard.

But now, keyboard gameplay is on the way, and a new trailer offers a taste of how the keyboard differs from the other instruments. A little Harmonix interview is interspersed with the footage, for good measure.

Check it out:


As you saw from the video, keyboard gameplay breaks down into two categories. In the standard mode of play, the trademark colored notes will be flying down the highway and will require gamers to hit any key in the appropriately colored section of the keyboard. Pro Mode, as it advances in difficulty, will require gamers to hit specific keys in order to continue their streak, all the way up until they are eventually tasked with playing the actual notes in each song. I don't care how hard it is, I'm playing "Power of Love" and a few other gems from the full setlist in Pro Mode.

While this might sound difficult at first, it is still a challenge any Rock Band gamer would be willing to take on. Nothing beats that almost zen-like trance a Rock Band player gets into when they are in sync with their highway, furiously hitting each note as if a thousand groupies were cheering them on. And don't forget to toss your drum sticks out after you're done.

As stated in the interview with Harmonix’s CEO Alex Rigopulos, Rock Band 3 hopes to challenge even the most veteran of Rock Band players, and at the same time is attempting to bridge the gap between virtual musicians and real musicians. Based on all we have seen, especially with Pro Mode, Rock Band will give even those gamers who breeze through Expert a challenge.

All the makings of a fantastic Rock Band iteration are in place, including some interesting new additions. I’m sure if you were even interested in the slightest you've already pre-ordered the game, but for those of you unsure, this is the one to get. Hopefully next time we will get some cow bell.

What do you think of the keyboard gameplay, Ranters? Which mode and difficulty do you plan on playing? Let us know in the comments below.

Rock Band 3 clutters up many a living room on October 26th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and DS.

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