John Lennon's 'Imagine' Album Coming to Rock Band 3

John Lennon Imagine Coming to Rock Band 3

He’s the Walrus and the Eggman. Coo Coo Cachoo. Yes, that’s right the one and only John Lennon is coming to video games by way of the next iteration of Rock Band. With Rock Band 3 releasing today, Harmonix is proud to announce that one of the first albums to be available as DLC for the game is John Lennon’s 'Imagine' album.

As greatest albums of all time go, many consider Imagine to be pretty high up there, top 100 even. While it might not scream Rock Band set list material it is certainly falling in line with the idea of a band experience. Previously we mentioned that new DLC would not be supporting the Pro mode for guitar or bass and such is the case with the album DLC. All other elements of the DLC including Pro drums and Pro keyboard are fully supported so go crazy on the ivories.

Harmonix has been able to get some top tier talent for Rock Band 3. First came the announcement, in order to prove that he was still hip, that some of the more popular songs from Billy Joel’s discography would be hitting the marketplace in December and now comes this news of John Lennon. It is only a matter of time before Rock Band completely dominates the music based rhythm game to the point that games like Power Gig and Guitar Hero surrender.

We were pretty pleased with the offering including on the disc for Rock Band 3 (read our review). If there ever was a definitive band experience contained within a game this version is it. Yes, there are still some improvements to be made but the inclusion of Pro mode and the keyboard proves that Rock Band is as much about evolution of the experience as it is about the music. We are just glad that they haven’t stopped securing such amazing artists. Coo Coo Cachoo.

What do you think of John Lennon making his way to Rock Band 3? Is it the right mixture of great music album and band experience or would rather have something a bit more contemporary?

Rock Band 3 is available now for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and DS.

Source: Kotaku

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