So far, there hasn’t been a lot of news on the third full edition of Harmonix’s rock star simulator, but that is slowly starting to change.  Writing on the Zine portion of the Rock Band website, lead designer Dan Teasdale lets slip the first few tiny morsels of information on Rock Band 3.  (He also reveals that he’s Australian.  So, Men At Work in Rock Band 3 confirmed?)

Teasdale starts by mentioning the “revolutionary new experiences you’ll be able to play with in Rock Band 3,” and then goes on to note that there will be “great new game modes and overhauls to how you experience the game.”

But will Rock Band 3 have the same kind of longevity that Rock Band 2 has had?  It sure sounds like it.  Teasdale points out that there will be “cool things that will… keep you coming back,” and that Harmonix believes Rock Band 3 will be “the ultimate music game.”

Strong, if vague, words.  Coming from any other developer, such statements would probably have my Skepticism Meter maxed out.  But this is Harmonix, and they’ve got quite a reputation for delivering on their promises.

So what could these “revolutionary new experiences” be?  We know the new game will feature vocal harmonies, but what else?  New plastic instruments?  Real instruments?  Music creation?  Time to sound off, Ranters: what do you think will be in Rock Band 3, and what do you hope for from the game?

Rock Band 3 is expected to release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii sometime this Holiday Season.

Source: Rock Band Zine