New Rock Band 3 Details: Exporting Rock Band 2 Songs and Pro DLC Pricing

Rock Band 3 Details

The only catch is that some of the songs may not make the cut due to re-licensing issues and some of your favorite songs may be left on the chopping block. Wii gamers are typically snubbed for this type of feature, but thankfully the export option will be available for all three console versions of the game.

In an interview with Rock Band Aide, Drake also discussed the pricing of the Rock Band pro songs -- they'll be a little bit more expensive than regular tracks due to Harmonix having to do more work for each. The regular DLC will stay at 2 bucks a pop because Harmonix felt wrong raising the price in order to decrease the Pro Mode price, since it will be geared towards a smaller group of players.

Along with many other gamers, I've consumed many hours and countless nights playing Rock Band with my friends. Even though basement rocking out is always fun, I began to feel a bit of a fatigue when it came to music/rhythm games. After being bombarded with more of the same, I was ready to hang up my plastic guitar and call it a night,  but then Rock Band 3 was revealed. Originally I didn't plan on buying or even playing Rock Band 3 but I won't be able to resist after announcements of new and more authentic instruments, Pro Mode and the awesome 83 song set list plus the ability to export my Rock Band 2 songs.  Much to my surprise, my fatigue has been lifted and Rock Band 3 is converting me back into a rhythm game believer.

Rock Band 3 is set to hit the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii on October 26th, 2010.

Source: Joystiq, Rock Band Aide

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